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Why do we need e-scooters (2)

5. Comfort:
While kids would love to ride electric scooters in a standing position, few models come with seating
option. Moreover, the frame is long enough so that an average-sized person can hold it without
bending forward.
6. Environment-friendly:
Electric scooters have ultra-quite chain operated the motor that ensures noise-free rides. As the
motor runs with chain, there is no threat of smoke.
7. Easy-to-maintain:
As these are made for kids, the kids electric scooter has durable body. The design is very simple
and you just need to maintain the handlebars, the deck and brakes. In most scooters, pneumatic
front tires are used to minimize chances of a flat tire.
8. Easy-to-park:
Because of their compact design and small size, these scooters can be parked in a small space.
Alternatively, you can carry an electric scooter with you, instead of parking.
9. Easy-to-assemble:
Customer liked that electric scooters come with manufacturer's manual, said that scooters can be
assembled by a layman within 10 minutes.