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Save your soul Save the planet – please!

Riding a motorcycle has been linked to improving mental outlook, increased endorphin
production in the brain (that’s the happiness chemical that makes you feel good) and an
improvement in bodily fitness. We even reported the other week that riding a motorcycle
for an hour could be as good for you as a trip to the gym. And we bet you’ll have a bigger
smile on your face after 50-miles on a two-wheeler than you would after the same amount
of time on one of those silly treadmill things!

Bikes are good for Mother Earth, it’s a fact. They use less of the earth's resource to get you
down the road and sit stationary less in traffic. They also require less c02 to ship about the
planet because of their small size. And finally, if a supposedly uneconomical and unclean
two stroke can pass the London ULEZ test, just think what a newly built, clean-burning four-
stroke bike will do!

So, there you have it, there is really no reason to not get on two wheels.

Remember: Motorcycles are amazing, anyone who disagrees has clearly never ridden one!