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Best E-Bikes You Can Buy Right Now

Electric bikes are here in a big way. Liberated from some of the normal constraints of standard
bike design like weight and gearing, e-bike design has exploded; if you can imagine it, someone
has built it. From cargo bikes to city bikes, messenger bikes to mountain bikes, road bikes,
folding bikes, and even beach cruisers, there is something for everyone. The beauty of e-bikes
is that they make the joy of cycling accessible to so many people in so many ways.

E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, much faster

than most 
people would cycle, getting you to your destination quicker and in better

shape. In a nutshell they 
offer low cost, energy efficient, and emission-free

transportation which also has physical and 
health benefits.